I'll work backwards (chronologically) in this post.

I just finished registering and paying for the Friday evening class (for which [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear and [dreamwidth.org profile] seolh were already registered), so I guess it's now a definite Thing That Will Be Happening. Time to spend the next week and a half trying to get back in the habit of stretching regularly. >.>

There was some uncertainty before I successfully got registered. The online registration process was straightforward for the trial class, but two things happened almost simultaneously re: the actual class. 1) I got a follow-up email from the studio saying they hoped I'd enjoyed the trial class and listing the beginner timeslots that still had openings...a list which did not include the one I wanted (AKA the one my friends were already registered for, not to mention being the only one that could conceivably work with Casual Job going on), and 2) the online class schedule/registration form showed "(3 Reserved, 5 Open)", but didn't have a "sign up now" button (which some others did). TBH, I still have NO clue what's going on there, but after exchanging some emails with the studio, we established that the class did have openings, and now I've given them money, so I should be good to go.

As for the actual trial class on Friday, it could get long, and involves fitness talk, so I'll put it under a cut )
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[dreamwidth.org profile] sovay went to a vampire movie marathon earlier this month and wrote about the movies. (If you read and enjoy the post, remember that [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay has a Patreon for film reviews!)

"Tag Yourself, I Am the Irish Bat Dad". "The video was filmed by Tadhg Fleming, and went viral when reposted by @jonnohopkins, and if you haven't seen it then I would describe it as 'the Citizen Kane of portrait-mode Snapchat stories about a bat getting in'. But I would like you to now avert your gaze away from the video and instead turn it deep inwards. Who are you? What are you? What is the very spirit of you? Your essence? You know it. But sometimes it's hard to express. Who, exactly, are you: are you a mood, a note on a piano, a taste, a feeling? Are you light, colour, heat, sound? Whatever you are, I think you can find yourself in this video. I think you can tag yourself in amongst the chaos. Here are some suggested tags – feel free to add your own:"

"This is How Canada Talks".

"BPD and the Pace of Friendship". [author Mishell Baker]

"10+ Adorable Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A Dog".

"Meet the man fighting to save our country's rarest chickens".

Genevieve Valentine posted her red-carpet rundown for the Emmys.

"Octlantis is a just-discovered underwater city engineered by octopuses".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] calissa, "A Digression About Storytelling, Narratives, and Diversity by Bárbara Morais". [The Book Smugglers]

Several links via [dreamwidth.org profile] alisanne:

--"100 Common Myths & Misconceptions: The world's most widespread falsehoods - debunked!"

--"What Happens When People Are Bored At Work (10+ Pics)".

--"Celebrities Re-Created 1940s Hollywood Glamour Shots And They're Gorgeous". [Buzzfeed]

--"10+ Dogs Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are And Think They’re Lap Dogs".

--"Spite Houses: 12 Homes Created With Anger and Angst". [2015]

--"Amateur Vs. Pro: How Differently The Same ‘Ugly’ Location Looks When You Become A Professional Photographer".

--"10 Badass Trees That Refuse To Die".

--"28 Precious Vintage Photos of Children With Their Pets".

--"This Russian Photographer Captures Stunning Photos Of Kids And Their Pets".
I have good intentions about reporting back on the trial aerial silks class, but for now: I survived, I am nowhere near as bendy as I used to (SHOCKING, I know), and I'm almost definitely going to sign up for the actual class but haven't done so yet. (I did check and make sure it's not right on the verge of being full. Right now the registration site says five out of eight slots are still free, and one of the three claimed slots is [dreamwidth.org profile] seolh.)

I already mentioned the key bit of this on Twitter ([twitter.com profile] MermaidLure, not [twitter.com profile] ysabet_m), but I went from that studio's website to the one of the place where I took nearly all of my dance classes, long and long ago. exercise classes and my dance history (such as it is) and whatnot )

Garden stuff!

Our tomato harvest is a bit awkwardly sized: we're bringing in enough fruit that [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose is having a bit of trouble keeping up with eating them, but not enough that we think (at useful times) of foisting some off on people because we're ~drowning in tomatoes~ or anything. There also aren't enough at one time to make it obvious that we can/should just cook up a big batch of sauce or something. It's a little weird.

Anyway, it being fall means that our thoughts have turned to planting bulbs! A couple of days ago we placed an order with Vesey's, in which [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I ordered 30 Prince Claus snow crocuses, 40 Tricolor snow crocuses, 30 of the Snow Crocus Mix bulbs, 20 of the Jessie starflowers, and 20 of the Mixed Daffodils mix.

...I didn't fully process until just now, typing that all up, that this means we bought 100 crocus bulbs. I mean, I knew, but...it just didn't seem like that many, somehow. La!

I was seriously tempted by some irises, but we opted against them. The German and Bearded varieties are beautiful but expensive, and we didn't really have an idea of where to put them, and this lovely Dutch Iris Mix starts at a package of 75 bulbs. O_o

We also ordered another set of three tomato halos, but not another set of the stackable tomato ladders, as we discovered this year that Canadian Tire offers very similarly-shaped tomato cages that can be stacked on top of the Vesey's ones. This'll bring us up to six each of the halos and the Vessey's ladder segments, which are meant to slot together, and then we can use the Canadian Tire ones for height. (You can see our current arrangement fairly well in the third picture here, where the red components are from Vessey's and the green ones--which aren't meant to be stackable, but do come in a longer version if we ever want still more height--are from Canadian Tire. This year, with our ten tomato plants, some of the green ones got pressed into service in as single-segment supports, but at the far left you can see a plant with a base Vesey's ladder plus a Canadian Tire one for height.)
15 September 2017 @ 12:40 pm
Fannish/Geeky Things

"Q&A: Guillermo del Toro's highly personal monster film 'The Shape of Water' speaks to 'what I feel as an immigrant'".

"Nintendo Is Resurrecting The NES Classic Mini And Increasing SNES Classic Inventory". (I'm trying to carefully balance skepticism and renewed hope that I might be able to lay hands on a classic mini.)

"Check Out Super Cute Character Visuals from Sanrio x 'Fullmetal Alchemist' Collaboration Project".

There's a Kickstarter happening for a Miss Fisher movie.

Cute Stuff

"Kitten Livestreams: Get Your Daily Dose of Cute". [Front Page Meews] "You read that right – there are kitten livestreams on the Internet, and you could be watching them right now! I’m highlighting three of my favorites that I think you’d enjoy too, so read on to discover the next best thing to live kitten cuddle time."

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] jimhines, photos of hens adopting other animals and "The 100 Greatest Owl Pictures You’ll Ever See".

"All This 5-Year-Old Wants To Do Is Help Save Street Cats: “He said it makes him feel like a superhero for animals.”".

"This Maine Coon Is About To Break A World Record For The Longest Fluffiest Tail".

"I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away".

[dreamwidth.org profile] naye posted a heap of adorable LaPerm kitty photos from July!

"These Photos of Celebs with Puppies at TIFF are Doggone Adorable: Celebs took a break during the Toronto International Film Festival to hang out with some adorable pups from Finding Them Homes".


"Tori Amos’ lost hair metal album ‘Y Kant Tori Read’ gets a digital release (listen)".

I think this is the first interview I've read where Tori talks about the inspiration behind her new album: "Tori Amos: 'Menopause is the hardest teacher I've met. Harder than fame': A walk in the Smoky Mountains in the footsteps of her late Cherokee grandfather helped the musician rediscover her muse – and write an album that confronts the US’s rapacious violence".

Via a few people, "Delta flight beats Hurricane Irma: A tense series of events as a Delta flight from New York attempts to land in San Juan, Puerto Rico and leave before Hurricane Irma hits". [Twitter "Moment"]

Have you all read the story of the time Seanan McGuire's Alice!kitty stowed away on a plane?

"36 Websites That Will Change Your Entire Fucking Life". [Buzzfeed, offering a range of actually useful and/or quite quirky]

"Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You". [US-focused]

"Why I Will Never Stop Being Glad That Hillary Clinton Refuses to “Go Away”".

Via several people: "The last surviving sea silk seamstress". [BBC]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay, "Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries". [Smithsonian]
Updates re: my last post:

--Bathroom window installation is not happening tomorrow, but we're still hoping it'll get done next week. (This entails putting the window in front scratch, not simply replacing an existing one. And once it's done, we'll have to figure out details of what else we want to do, in terms of the extent/specifics of renovating the room. More on that some other time, I imagine.)

--[dreamwidth.org profile] seolh is up for taking the trial class for beginner aerial silks with me tomorrow, despite having already done it once with [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear. It'll be good to see her, and also, I didn't realize just how anxious I'd gotten over the thought of going alone until she said she'd come too and it lifted. I'm still anxious about other things relating to going to the class, but this feels much, much better. (Now to figure out what I'm going to wear. o_o I have options, but are any of them good options?)

It's amazing how soon Yuletide is. As usual, despite not having any intentions of participating, I find myself keeping an eye on the unofficial nominations spreadsheets and people's fandom-rec posts/comments, partly to just see what's catching people's attention this year and partly (shocking no one) to see if there are any folks out there who I don't already know who're enough into the Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire canons to be nominating any. (Which, yes, we can fine-tune down to "is anyone nominating/will anyone be requesting Newsflesh?", but that's not the only reason.)

(There's a "Praise! Your! Fandoms! Get others interested!" post on [dreamwidth.org profile] yuletide, if anyone's interested/inspired.)

Meanwhile, In Other Lands (née The Turn of the Story) is still new enough that I keep seeing people discussing or reviewing it, and it makes me grin every time.

[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and I are talking about improving our financial habits, in terms of both a more informative spreadsheet for tracking income/expenditures and an attempt at more actual budgeting. just a few lines (mostly) about how I buy books, but cut 'cause finances )

The good news for my wallet is that I somehow entirely missed when Tori Amos' North American tour dates were announced in...July? Anyway, a few days ago I suddenly clued in and looked and realized she's playing Massey Hall in Toronto on October 30th. For most of the year I've been telling myself firmly that 2017 is a ONE-Toronto-trip year, but for a day or so I wavered a lot while checking the price range, noticing that Air Canada had a relevant sale, verifying that crash-space arrangements would be good...all while reminding myself that Casual Job will definitely (insofar as anything can be definite there) still be happening then and it'd have to be a super-short visit...and then I finally checked actual ticket availability, not just the price range, and that was the nail in the coffin. (It's not that there aren't any tickets at all, but [reasons].)

It's not that I'm desperate to see this tour, anyway (which I guess is obvious from my failure to try harder to make it work out), but that I always think, what if it's her last tour??? You never know. She's not old, by any stretch, but a few years ago she talked about maybe wrapping up her touring days. Clearly she opted against it then, or even soon after, since she's still at it, but what if, what if, what if... (I actually haven't listened to the new album right through yet, and I have no expectation of loving it--I haven't truly loved an album of hers since Scarlet's Walk in 2002 or so--but damn, she still does an incredible live show, and draws on her entire back catalogue.)
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I got an email today saying our application to foster kitties has been approved! ^_^ [personal profile] scruloose and I followed instructions and read the attached foster manual, and then I emailed to confirm that we'd done that, so now we'll be added to the "This critter needs fostering! Who'll take them?" mailing list.

The "manual" covers a lot of ground and is very reasonable. The only significant thing I'm unsure of--and will ask the shelter about--is the degree of deep cleaning/sterilization we'll have to do between fosterlings, presuming there aren't any health issues with the departing one(s). The manual specifies that one fosterling's cat toys aren't to be kept for the next one(s) to use unless they can be bleached, but said nothing about food/water dishes and the litter box and stuff. There's a lot of room between "scrub thoroughly" and "decontaminate absolutely every object and surface a fosterling touched".

My hair's purple-with-turquoise-streaks got brightened up today, and the undercut shaved almost right down to the skin (a #0 buzz cut, [personal profile] scruloose says; it was probably a #1 last time, and when I buzzed all of my hair a few years ago I think we did it at #3). My stylist and I set a longer appointment for late-ish November to lighten the shade of purple a bit.

I can feel the air on the lower back of my skull. It's very weird.

Just over a week before I head back to the office for the fall Casual Job stint. o_o What the hell, time? And somehow we have a lot packed in between now and then:

--I need to rewrite at least a volume's worth of manga (between two projects) and do some prose proofreading.

--In a burst of "wait, that kind of exercise class could actually be FUN", I signed up to take a trial beginner aerial silks class this Friday. [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear was talking about it because she and [dreamwidth.org profile] seolh just did a trial class and are gonna take the actual class, and it sounds neat, so I was kinda like "I wanna play too!!!" Which...I usually keep in my head, because OH, HI, ANXIETY! But here we are. (If I like the trial and sign up for the class, there's going to be the constant possibility of missing it due to work, but on Fridays I'm usually done by a reasonable time, so an evening class in walking distance of the office would be doable.)

--It sounds like there's actually a reasonable chance (!) that the bathroom window [personal profile] scruloose and I spent the summer waiting to have installed will actually get installed within the next week or so. Given the domino of things we want to do with that room, all of which rely on getting the damn window put in, that would be very nice indeed. (And also made of upheaval, which is a lot of strain on my nerves, but I will cope. Oh, and technically it's possible we could have a fosterling by then! Which'd mean putting Claudia and Jinksy into [personal profile] scruloose's office for the day, not the spare room.)

--We have a follow-up vet appointment next week to get the cats their feleuk updates (since we avoid having them get more than one vaccination in a sitting), and to talk to the vet in more detail about how Claudia's annual ultrasound went. (I mean, other than Claud's unbroken streak of being so cooperative that she didn't need to be sedated at all, despite having a patch of fur shaved and goo smeared on her, plus a blood draw. Our girl is such a trooper.)

--Then the weekend after this one--so the day after Casual Job starts up--is Hal-Con, and knowing that it's a month or so earlier than usual (and how odd to have a sense of the "usual", since last year was the first time we went) doesn't actually help much with the "BUT HOW IS IT HAPPENING ALREADY???" feeling.
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11 September 2017 @ 05:58 pm
Why is everything a video now-a-days? Some of us do read! I was trying to keep up with updates on hurricane Irma while at work, but every page I went to had video updates and pages with actual written information, limited their content to bullet points. Anyway, Irma has been downgraded to a 1, which the house my parents rent can stand. However, the surge remains a huge problem, and after watching videos of just how far out Tampa Bay had been pulled back.....I'm still quite worried.

I need things to be over. I woke up with a nosebleed and my first ever white hair. I called my mom and told her to tell the entire family I held them responsible for my early-aging. And while I was quite angry, I was happy she looked so happy. She said to me, "We may never see that house again, but look! I am in a state I have never been, with all my kids and my grand-kids in one room. This has never happened." And she panned the camera around for everyone to say hello. My brother and his girlfriend and my sister were sitting on one bed watching TV together, my dad was teaching my nieces how to gamble play cards and dominoes, and my fat dog was in the corner sleeping near the conditioner. Despite it all, everyone looked safe and content.

I feel like my stress was not only over their safety, but also my inability to do anything as the oldest child. I've always had that complex.....

Well, I ended up going to 上野動物園 with Ryu on Saturday. I knew he had been looking forward to going, and I figured I could keep up with the news on my mobile while we were there. He was really understanding about it and asked me multiple times if it was really okay for me to not go back and help them. Puh, I couldn't get a flight in even if I offered my first born. Either way, It was quite fun.Our mission was to capture at least 3 animals smiling. Mission accomplished!

We talked about living together again and it was the closest Ryu got to getting a "yes" out of me. As I was putting some snacks away, he wrapped his arms around me from behind and asked me if I disliked the idea of living with him. I simply answered "If I didn't like the idea, I would have already directly said no." He seemed satisfied with the answer, but I still wonder why I can't just flat out say "I want to live with you."

As soon as things with Hurricane Irma settle down and I help my parents financially with any damages or moving, then I'll start looking at places here and there. I re-read my lease agreement and there wasn't any penalty, but I want to confirm with the landlord just in case I misunderstood something.

My boss told me his wife said that I'm getting prettier and prettier with the passing of time. I denied it, and they took it as my being modest, but honestly, I don't notice any changes in myself. Then another higher up mentioned it was because my eyes sparked lately. I jokingly said that I was like wine, and that the more time passed, the better I'd be. The joke was wasted, as apparently the previous foreign employee had shown up to work drunk once....and that was no bueno!
I guess if others are noticing changes, my tiny efforts here and there aren't going to waste!


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10 September 2017 @ 11:59 am
Fannish/Geeky Things

On Tumblr: "The Shadow Faced Influence of Junichi Nakahara". (Via this Facebook post comparing some Nakahara art to the results of its influence on Utena.)

"Game of threads: Meet the embroiderers behind the Game Of Thrones tapestry".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] erinptah, Comic Rocket is a site for tracking webcomics.

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sineala, I learned that YouTube has hours of Star Trek warp core sounds available for white noise.

"StarCraft: Remastered—how to polish a classic".


"The Diviners author Libba Bray has some thoughts on this all-female Lord of the Flies remake".

"Writing Women: Thoughts". [Foz Meadows]

[dreamwidth.org profile] marthawells posted "Bit of a Murderbot Update".


"How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking". [NPR, 2015]

"Salt grinders are bullshit, and other lessons from growing up in the spice trade". [Caitlin PenzeyMoog]

"Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries".

"Even Racists Got the Blues: Most of the time, I feel a little bit sorry for people who make horrendous translation mistakes. This is not one of those times". [The Geeky Gaeilgeoir]

Articles about not one but two very entertaining (and very different) things that've gone around Twitter recently:

--"This Twitter Thread Parodies The Way Men Talk About Women And It’s A Masterpiece of Sarcasm".

--"Please experience the pure joy of this video of some people freaking out over a bat".
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The thing about StarCraft Remastered, which I assure you is very high praise, is that for the most part I'm not noticing it.

StarCraft came out in 1998, and I've been playing it casually ever since*. I mean, I've never been anything more than a casual player of anything, really, but StarCraft and Quake are the ones I've been most serious about. (For both of those games, I feel like I need a disclaimer noting that I've never gotten into multiplayer for either, and in both cases, multiplayer is a THING.)

I'm also not a very visual person in general, and that's obviously a factor when I say that I'm not really noticing the whole "remastered" part. Many parts of the game have benefited hugely, of course--[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose wandered in a few days ago and admired the Zerg hive--and when I stop and look, yeah, I can certainly see that there's more detail and all that jazz.

But mostly? I'm just playing and not having to think about "oh yeah, this game is nearly 20 years old". The remaster included updating everything behind the scenes so the game plays just fine on newer machines without having to jump through all kinds of hoops to make it run, and there's no pixelation, no glaring visual cues that by computer standards, the game is OLD. There's nothing jarring or awkward.

It's wonderful. *^^*

There are a few things here and there in the gameplay that are hard to come back to after being very used to StarCraft II (which started coming out in 2010, so while I don't think it's fundamentally as strong a game as the original, it's far more modern); for me, the biggest challenge is reminding myself that when I'm playing as the Terrans, the SCVs--the incredibly basic unit that builds and repairs things--don't notice that repairs need doing. They can be idling happily right up against a structure on the verge of collapse and not have a care in the world, or a notion of maybe doing something about it. SCII gave them a minuscule amount of common sense, so they don't need to be micromanaged, and that's a vast improvement.

*That is, after the summer--and you know, I don't remember actually realizing that it was a brand-new game--of calling myself a StarCraft widow because [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and Mark, who were roommates at the time, were very into it, and I didn't see the appeal at all and was awfully bored.

(I always think of StarCraft as being a dull game to watch if you're not also a player, because that was my experience with it, but Ginny started playing after watching me for a while, so clearly mileage varies!)

If any of you are StarCraft players, I don't know about it, so I'm gonna stop there. But if anyone is familiar and cares about such things, I just finished the Zerg missions in SCI and am deciding whether to play through the Protoss missions or not before moving on to Brood War, the expansion. (And if I do that, do I keep skipping the Protoss, since Brood War begins with them?) I'm not as thrilled with the Zerg in SCII as I am with the Terrans, but here in the original game, I'm a Zerg girl through and through, and also always happy with the Terrans. But the Protoss...? Meh. I haven't even bothered buying the Protoss campaign for SCII.

I do know I need to brace myself for Brood War. I'm a very cautious player, and IIRC the Brood War AI is much, much smarter and more aggressive than the original version. Meep.
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(As I usually try to do, I'm keeping most of my reactions/comments on horrifying/frightening "real world" stuff--which usually means politics, but this week covers natural disasters galore--to getting my news from and passing things along on Twitter. But I really hope you're all as safe as possible, and greatly appreciate it seeing people's updates/check-ins from dangerous areas. ;_;)

I posted some tomato photos to Instagram! There are five pics of fruits on the vines in this post, and here's a pic of what we brought in yesterday, after not picking any for a couple of days.

The largest ones (by far) are the Lemon Boys, most of which are still green on the vine; the smallish ones are Chocolate cherry; and the truly small one are Sungolds. Yesterday we found two small ripe tomatoes on the lone Super 100 plant we got from Ginny and Kas, but they were both split on the bottom; [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose at the one that had only a tiny split, and we tossed the other. further tomato thoughts and the beginnings of tomato plans for next year )

Today wound up involving more erranding than work--awkward, since I have a full-volume rewrite due Monday. (I have most of a draft, so I'm not panicked, but I wanted to be further ahead than I am. >.<)

Among other things, we went to Lush, which was a bit of a "hey, while we have a CarShare car..." whim, and I'm glad we went, because I wanted to pick up a large bottom of their Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream...and discovered it's being discontinued. (Although the website still doesn't indicate that. Hmm.) No large bottles to be had! o_o So I snagged three of the much-smaller medium bottles, and I guess I'll be eking those out sadly.

We also wound up at the pet-supply store we've gone to since Claudia and Jinksy arrived four years ago. It used to be where we got everything, until their combined dietary needs meant getting food from the vet that'll work for both of them. (Oh, please, let us not ever need to feed them separately...) Since then, it's been where we've acquired basically everything but food...and today we discovered that the litter we've been buying for quite a while isn't going to be available there anymore (several overlapping reasons, resulting in it being kinda confusing, but the upshot did seem to include that it'll still exist, at least). So we relieved the store of the three large bags they had on hand, and are now sad that that basically means they won't get much of our cat-supply money at all anymore. (They're not super convenient, to be honest, but we like the people and it's a fairly small chain.)

Other key purchases there:

a) a second water fountain for Claudia and Jinksy, since I've heard a few times now that cats stay better hydrated with more than one convenient water source, and also like having a water source away from their food dish (which is where their current fountain is).

and b) a Litter Locker (Litter Locker Plus, specifically) to put in the spare room, since we have no reason to think we won't be approved to foster cats. (They've called at least one of our references! *fidgets*) I believe the SPCA covers all of the basic costs (food, litter, medical stuff) of foster cats, but I rather doubt a Litter Locker is part of that, and I've been thoroughly spoiled by having a flushable setup for Claud and Jinksy.
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Earlier I took a look through my entire Dreamwidth tag set, trying to see if I have a preexisting tag for "partly-written posts that I'm not gonna finish/polish but may as well toss up anyway". (I don't seem to.) And wow, do I have a ton of tags I've only used once or twice, which is kinda fun but also means they languish because I forget I made them up.

A small selection: "anecdotes" (but not "anecdata", which seems silly), "care and feeding of", "cleaning up nicely", "don't ask me; i just work here", "i never fall for the cuddly girls", "i'm an angry feminist--ask me how!", "i'm sorry your series doesn't love you", "like a fucking lady"*, "long post is long"**, "sharing the horror" (at least I do also have "sharing the love"), "visitors to scenic nova scotia", "way to be duck (imagine a comma)", "words mean things", and "xkcd speaks truth".

*Oh, that's when I finished reading Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly books and was so furious about how the series was handled that I ranted even though I didn't bond with books.

**Spoiler: the post was not that long. But it's the post about [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear buying me a shiny new Newsflesh boxset so she could read the books for my birthday, and I love it.

It turns out two of those one-use tags are both on what looks like the first time I mentioned the Newsflesh psychic wolves AU (in early 2014, FFS), when I said:

"On the surface, it even sounds like it should be a fluffy thing: 'in a zombie-infested world, the heartwarming tale of an intrepid reporter, her massively codependent relationship with her brother, and her wolf (that's totally big enough to become a zombie MEEP)', and so on. (Okay, 'fluffy' is pushing that.) Except any psychic-wolf stuff that even nods back to how things work in A Companion to Wolves (which, again, isn't necessary for the Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia fest, but most people seem to draw on it anyway--including me, apparently) is probably not so much with the fluff. ^^;"

As mentioned yesterday, I preordered the ebook of The Brightest Fell, and just past midnight on release day I got an email from Kobo saying the book was in my library. But weirdly, and annoyingly, the Kobo app on my phone doesn't acknowledge that it exists. The book's in my library when I check the website, and thankfully Elliot (the ereader) seems to see it just fine, so it's not like I can't read it, but my phone refuses.

I rebooted the device entirely, and if I click through to the Kobo store inside the app it tells me I own the book and has the "view in library" link, which blithely takes me to my collection without caring that the book isn't there. Another book I preordered that came out within the last week or two shows fine; the book I bought late last night is there. I'm baffled.

(I haven't started reading it yet. ;_; And I definitely need to get a chunk of work done first today.)
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